As a child, I always had a keen interest in art.  I have vivid memories of my first pop-up book from Edward Gorey, the first time i saw Salvador Dali’s melted clocks, and curiosities about the woman with one eyebrow, Frida Khalo. All three of these artists have one thing in common, they defied conformity and created their own new genres. I never imagined I would end up as a floral designer, but i knew whatever I did, it would have to challenge my creativity. Lets just say I “fell” into the wedding industry and have been hooked ever since. Being an artist first gives me an advantage of having a “non-conformative” perspective to weddings and events. I have made it my mission to push the boundaries in the industry, leaving lasting impressions of the work we produce, your weddings and events.

– David Garcia

Special Thanks:

The Grier Family, Cindy De Young, Tommy Murphy, Janice Pruitt, Valerie Eastwood, Eric Flores, Janet Peterson, Jesse Klingbeil, Jesse Lawson, Ralph Leba, Danny Aquado, Casey Cooper, Angie Savvakis, David Yargas, Nathan Waldo, Lee Scott, Enzo Fiorello, Family, and friends combined for believing in my vision and encouraging me to pursue my passion which has enabled me transform the dreams of others into their reality.